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I am interested in moving to a warmer climate - looking at Florida or California

Wondering if it is better to go through an agency or directly through the hospital? Any Canadians wish to comment on their experiences? Will be travelling with husband and one child, anyone have experience with spouses being able to get green cards too?

Any information is appreciated - thanks.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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I can't help, sorry, but I know our hospital used to recruit in Canada and didn't work through an agency, and still might be doing so. I'm in Florida. So maybe you can somehow contact the hospitals in the area you're interested in.

Good luck.

Dixielee, BSN, RN

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I can't help you with the green card issue, but I can with the travel questions.

Some of it depends on how old your child is. If it is school age, you may want to choose a place and settle quickly, but if not, then you have more opportunities to find a place that works for you. There is a world of difference in California and Florida, yet they are both warm! If you choose a travel company, you can check out several places before deciding. Of course, this depends on your family situation too, but you may take a 13 week assignment in several places before you make a final decision especially if you are not in a hurry.

You will find the cost of living in California to be much higher than Florida, but salaries are higher. If you are going to southern Calif (warmer), be aware of the crowded highways, outrageous home prices, etc. Florida has a broader choice in housing prices while still being warm.

My personal favorite is Arizona. You get the benefit of warmth while cost of living is not so bad. I am in Tucson now, and love it. We came here for the winter as well, and are now considering a permanent move. There is plently of work for all areas mentioned as lots of people like you (and us) want to enjoy the nice weather. We have a little farm in the Ozark mountains and went home last week for a visit and the first night the temp was 20 degrees and I could not wait to get back to Tucson!

I work for RN Network and I know they have Canadian travelers. Give them a call and ask for specifics as far as trying it. You are welcome to PM me if I can offer any info. Good luck, and welcome to the world of sunshine, shorts and sandals!

suzanne4, RN

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For Canadians, you do not need a green card. You initially would apply for a TN Visa, which is under the NAFTA Treaty. However to do this, you must still apply thru CGFN for the Visa Screen Certificate and pass either NCLEX or CGFNS to qualify for this. Depending on which province that you are from, you may or may not need the set of English will take approximately four months to get the Visa Screen Certificate and you must have this in hand before you will be permitted to cross the border into the US if you are coming to work.

Quite simple, actually. You may wish to post this on the Canadian forum, you will probably get more responses.

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