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Questions about becoming an LNC

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Can anyone tell me about this if you do it? Do you love it? How did you get started? Did you do any type of certification? Any information would be really appreciated. I am thinking of doing this but not sure how to go about getting started. Thanks!!

I took an online Legal Nurse Consultant course. Google it-there are many programs out there. I paid less than $1000 and I know there's a famous program out there that costs over $4000! It isn't going to get you working any faster or give you more cases than the course I paid for. What will get you started is joining your local chapter of Legal Nurse Consultants but you must be a member of AALNC first (American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.) By going to meetings, you will be networking with other legal nurse consultants, most of whom have a wealth of experience and knowledge to get you started. I started going 3 years ago and since then got many referrals from my fellow nurse consultants who already have an established practice and/or group of attorneys who were looking for someone with my expertise (LTC.) Begin with the course and by joining the LNC association and local chapter. Good luck and please post and let us know how it turns out!


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Cienurse - how many years of experience does a consultant typically have when transitioning into a career like this? Thanks.

I am realtively new to nursing. I have been a nurse for about two years now and I am looking into this field. I am currently working for a hospice agency and at a LTC facility as a treatment nurse and in the past I have worked as a case manager for a home health agency. I am not sure if I have enough expereince to at least pursue legal nurse consultant. I don't want to wait until I have 10+ years to explore it. Any thought or insight would greatly be appreciated.

You need many more years of experience to be in this field. That's the only way to acquire an expertise in the field of nursing care. You cannot learn that in a book. With only 2 yrs you or your opinions would be laughed at in court.


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I agree that RN experience is vital for the career as Legal Nurse Consultant.

carolinabredRN, your experience as Case Manager is good because you've probably had to review tons of charts ensuring the nurse/healthcare provider, etc., adhered to P/P, SOP, etc. That's very necessary as a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC).

I suggest getting additional clinical experience as an RN, visit the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC site), and make a purchase of the recent edition of their text, Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles & Practice . Review some of the threads at the very bottom of the Legal Nursing forum here at allnurses for additional information, review the AALNC site FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC)

With only 2 yrs you or your opinions would be laughed at in court.

As a consultant, you do not see the inside of a court room, so this comment is incorrect. Now, if you choose to be an expert witness, then that changes things completely. Years and years of bedside experience is vital.

We wish you well as you consider this career as a Legal Nurse Consultant.