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Questions about AANP Exam


Hello everyone ,I am due to retake my exam in March ..I'm.very excited yet nervous..Does anybody know if JNC8 will be on the exam? I've already taken Hollier live review, reading Leik review book with the questions, and plan on completing.the AANP practice exam the last week in February. My weakness on my.first exam was planning and yet strongest asset was Diagnosis..missed passing first exam by 32 points.If you have any ideas that will assist then.please feel free to help.Thank you in advance..

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According to Fitzgerald, as of December 2014, the AANP said that JNC8 would not be on the exam. There are really very few differences, however. If you look at Fitzgerald's web page, she actually has a free link to the JNC8 differences so you can read them in case they come up.

I am sure you will do better on the second attempt.

Thank you Tammy for input. I'm just so nervous about this second attempt, but I know JNC7 well and since reading your post I agree that JNC8 is similar if not better..Thank you again.


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Does anybody know if JNC8 will be on the exam?

According to aanpcert.org (AANP)

"The 2015 AANPCP examinations were constructed and validated using clinical guidelines that were published by November 2014. Thus, references used for preparing the 2015 certification exams include the JNC 8 hypertension guidelines, which were published in December 2013."

I am unsure about the ANCC exam.


There was a post on another board that the AANP FNP exam taken in February included JNC8 so I think you should be prepared for it.