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Question about travel nursing


Is it true that, as a travel nurse, once you complete an assignment you can take a break from accepting another assignment? So if I complete a six month contract with a hospital can I take a month or so off before I accept another assignment and then start fresh in another hospital? Do travel nurse agencies expect you to continually accept assignments or can you take breaks in between?

bagladyrn, RN

Specializes in OB.

You can certainly take breaks between assignments if you want to. The only downside to this is that if your break is longer than a certain time period you may need to COBRA your insurance and if for a very extended period you may lose any benefit that longevity with an agency has gained you.

Some agencies such as the one I am with do provide that benefits will continue if you have a contract signed for start date after the time off prior to the end of your current assignment. Recruiters should be able to give you this information. Make sure to add it to your list of questions if this is important to you.