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To all you SRNAs/CRNAs:

I am at that critical point where I am sending appy's for quickly upcoming programs. I have not taken organic/biochemistry. I am definitely not a chem wizard, but rather average with the stuff. Having said that, how critical is it that I take organic chem? I know some programs have much more need for an organic background, but am applying to only one that i know is like that. At this point, I am REALLY uninterested in taking another class. What do you think?

I'm not an SRNA/CRNA, but I CAN tell you that O-chem sucks ass. I thought I'd be fine after I got a B in general chem, but I ended up failing O-chem and now I will have to retake it before I apply to anesthetist school because it is totally pulling down my GPA!! Don't take it unless the school absolutely requires it and you think you can do well.


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I am a SRNA wanna be, and I agree with emeraldNYL if they don't rquire it and you don't really feel like taking another hard class at this time, why do it? And many SRNA's and crna's on this forum have commented that the anesth. schools will teach you every thing you need to know once you are in school.


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which has a solutions manual available. Then work through it on your own time. This will benefit you if you are accepted into a CRNA school program now with the classes you will face there. Conversely, should you not be accepted this time around and decide to take the Organic class for next time, you will be WAY ahead of the game. Much of Organic (with the notable exception of reaction mechanisms) is more about memorization than analysis.


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I'm presently taking Organic Chem. and it's not too terribly bad. I will finish next week with either an A or a B pending next week's final exam (probably a B). The class will definitely weed alot of people out. We started with close to 30 now we are down to 10. I will say that Organic is much better than Gen. Chem. I and II., both of which I barely passed with a C!! The main thing is to not get behind on the material. Some of it is actually kind of interesting if you can believe that. I have applied to a few places that do and do not require the class as a prereq. Well, good luck...


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............Hey soon to be SRNAs........please take this advice from me, who just finished her first course in CRNA school. TAKE ALL THE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY YOU CAN PRIOR TO SCHOOL! I stress this! Apply with the courses you have, but in the year waiting or 6 months prior to your start date...........Take a course in Organic Chemistry and even the second semester of Organic Chemistry. The second semester dives into the Biochemistry that is covered in Anesthesia school.

The first Organic Chemistry course I took prior to CRNA school helped tremendously............I wished I had the time to take the second semester (which, I hear, definitely applies.)

Just Do It!..............It will help.........and can't express how much!



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Sim--what school are you at?


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Matt, (where are you looking to apply?)

p.s. If you take an Organic Chemistry course by itself, you can focus all your time to it..........and better your grade! By the way, getting a good grade in a Organic class, especially when you don't need it, will help impress the people interviewing you!!!!



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don't psych your self out. if you put your mind to it you can do it. I got an A, it was tough but possable.

its nice having that under your belt.. it allows not to be limited on what schools your appling to

you'll need to know it. might as well get a jump on it



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I havent applied to schools yet, but I do know a few people who are SRNA's and they all recommend getting it out of the way. Like it was posted earlier, you will have the time to just focus on that one class.....thus making it slightly it slightly easier. I just finished part one of Gen Chem....and got an wasn't really as horrible as I imagined. Anyway, as an undergrad student i did have to take a sem of Orgo (not the hard upperlevel one...a brief one sem class that nursing majors took) Anyhow, it was more memorization than applying concepts.

Good luck to you!!! By the way, it will def help boost your chances of getting in I;d think if you could score an A in Organic.... don't know what your big three are but .... it can only help!!!!

My plan is to finish up Gen Chem and also take Organic and Biochem before applying. The more you have under your belt before jumping in the better off you'll my own opinion!!!!

If you have the time, you could always audit the class....see how you'd do in it and then take it!!


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Barry, MCG, Duke, and MUSC


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Good luck Matt............go get em!!!!


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