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Hi everyone! my name is Amy, I recently graduated from the CNA program at my local community college. I am taking my state test for CNA next month and work at a skilled nursing facility currently as a nurse assistant in training. I love being a CNA but can not wait to be a nurse! My dream is to be an RN but since completing the CNA program and working at a skilled nursing facility I am seriously considering becoming an LPN first and working then taking the LPN to RN bridge at my community college. I just hear so many different opinions about this.. lots of people say just go straight for RN its a waste of time to do LPN but I think it would be a good idea to work my way up to RN by being a CNA then LPN then RN. what do you all think? Most LPNS at my work tell me to do the same and that most work at the hospital for nurses is bedside care where you are a nurse and CNA at the same time.. which I don't mind. my long term goal is to work at a hospital some day but I am enjoying working at a skilled nursing facility and after 1 year of working there they will help pay for school.. I have about 7 pre reqs and the TEAS test before I can apply for the RN program but like I said I am considering the LPN program, all thats needed is the TEAS test and CNA certification...

I am starting LPN school next month. My reason for going LPN first- I only needed to take the TEAS and two other classes to get in. Also, my husband is military so I really can't wait 2 or 3 years to wait to get into a program (or better said, I didn't want to stay behind for school while my husband moved to a new duty station). Had I gone the RN route, I would have had a year of classes in front of me and no gurantee into the program. I just said, "Whatever program I get into, I'll make it work". Another plus for me, is the cost of the LPN program.

Yet, if money and time were no issue and my pre reqs for RN were done- I would have went into an RN program. But overall, I don't regret my decision to go LPN. Yet if your situation allows you to enter an RN program, I would.

as i stated in another post....

you need to do what is right for you in your personal life, simple as that. i have been going back and forth between lvn or rn for a few years, i flip flopped every other day. some people have their parents paying all the bills and school and can go straight into a 4 year bsn program and get it out of the way. i have worked full time and have been going to school part time for 3 years. i moved to a rural area and the college does not have a straight rn program, you have to get your lvn first then bridge over but because i moved to a small area i will be done with my nursing sooner then if i had stayed in the city because of the long wait list for the nursing program. for me getting my lvn first was a hard pride pill to swallow but i am okay with it now.. it will allow me to make more money then i was making as a cna. also i can work part time as an lvn while i finish my rn and maybe start a family in between. like i said it depends on what is good for you. i think it would be nice to be an lvn so you don't have to struggle when you are finishing school. best of luck!

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I'll be graduating from my LPN program in a couple weeks. I've never been a CNA, but I chose LPN first because I heard the LPN program has more hands on/clinical experiene. Since I'm brand new to healthcare, I wanted to take the route with the most hands on care. I was going to take a CNA class, but was accepted into the LPN program before I had a chance to. I also thought that it might be easier doing LPN then LPN-RN, but I don't know. This course has been very intense & grads I've talked to from the bridge program said it's harder than the LPN.

I don't even want to think about the RN. It will be a miracle getting threw the lvn... good grades don't come easily to me so I will have to study like I've never studied. But then again, anatomy was the most intense class I've taken so far, I didn't think i'd do very well but I did...

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