I just got state certified as a nursing assistant and now I'm looking for a job. I would prefer to work in a hospital but it seems really hard to get into one. They are usually looking for at least 6mos to a year experience. I was wondering if anyone was in the same boat or have been there. Also, if you are working in a hospital did you get training in phlebotomy? Should I take a course or hope to get into the hospital for training? Thanks!!

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Well, I went to medical assisting school, where I learned phlebotomy. I am now a Nursing Student. Yes, from what I hear getting into a hospital seems to be more difficult than getting into LTC. I read a report that stated the cna turnover rate in LTC is nearly 100% :confused: !

I say, take what you can get, but continue to apply to hospitals. You can always get training as you go in phlebotomy, ekg's, etc.

I wish you lots of luck and welcome to



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I was unable to get into a hospital as well. I managed to get my first job in Assisted Living, though at times I really wish I had the LTC experience. Keep putting the applications in to hospitals, but also start looking at LTC, Assisted Living, Home Care, transitional care, Etc. I would definately suggest not shunning LTC right away. There are a lot of different kinds of cares done in LTC and a lot of oppertunities to see new things. LTC isn't just about changie the diapers of the elderly! I never thought I would enjoy working with the elderly, but I found that I love working on dementia units, I don't mind the other units, but dementia is my favorite.

If possible find a school that offers those CNA add ons like BLS, Phlebotomy, Acute Care NA, ER Tech, EMT. Those might help you get into a hospital with less experience.

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