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Hello all

I am currently a nursing student just finishing up fundamentals and I applied at St. John's sometime ago, pt care position but I have not heard anything from them. I was thinking of going to HR in person and find out if there might be a person that I could speak with on what kind of positions that might be good for nursing students. I thought it might be good to put a name to a face...........

I am a nursing student as well and work at St. Johns as a patient care tech. It is the perfect position for any one who is attending nursing school! I learned so much and it has really helped with school. They get about 300 applications a month for the PCA positions a run a 4 week long training class every couple of months or so. When I got hired I presued them. I applied online and then went to the HR office and turned in a copy of my resumae. The process is a long one that you have to be dedicated to. I had to meet with two HR reps and job shadow before a job offer was made. After you get the job offer you still have to go through the 4 week class and pass a test with a 85% or better to start doing a clinical type training on the floor. Let me know if you have any other question about it I would be happy to help! St. John's is a great place to work I plan on staying there for a long time to come.

Thank you for info. I am getting ready to start my med surg clinical. Will any of my clinical count towards PCT training at ST. John's.? I have applied online several times but nothing occurred after that. Did you say i should go in person to HR? Any particular person to speak with?



If you have 80 hours worth of clinical training you can take a three day "short course". I went to the HR department and just handed my application and resumae to the person who was working the front desk and ask her to give it to the person who was in charge of hiring the PCA positions. Good luck with everything!

Call Jessica/Ginger 314364-4301

I just called HR about the PCA program and they said they won't have another class until July, but I can go ahead and apply online.

But now I can't find the PCA job posting anywhere on the website....:sniff: someone help! thank you :)

go to

click find a job link - click the clinical section & enter Patient Care Associate in the keyword don't have to enter anything search & there ya go! APPLY & good luck :-)

Thank you so much!! :)

They are hiring for a class starting in July 2009 -Good Luck!!!!

I have applied to Maryville's Nursing Program but have not gotten into prog yet, I have to take a three more electives courses to get in. Is there a possibility I could apply at ST. John's even though i am not nursing student yet for a PCA position? Thank you.

I have heard St. John's is a great place to work. Good luck!

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