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I have been accepted and plan to start this august. My question is... do any of you work during school breaks? None of the people I know worked during the month of christmas break. It seems to me that during a break that long one could pick up a few shifts. My husband keeps reinforcing that he expects that I will work during school breaks. I told him that there may be some reason people don't. Such as money earned counting against a student when financial aid is being decided.

Also, he is so freaked out now and insisting that I put in at least 1-2 shifts a week extra till I start school.... I want to have a little put away... but, am feeling like there will be no down time to reorganize the house, ect. Is this a pretty common response? Do most spouses feel that the $$$ you will not be earning to be such a huge stressor? I feel like we should be saying "praise God" and spending more time TOGETHER. Not just trying to have me spinning my wheels trying to score more hours at the hospital.


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I think it is a normal response to get a little freaked realizing there will be a huge cut in income while completing your education. I also believe before starting a huge undertaking like a CRNA education, you are going to need some downtime for yourself. My wife and I have had many a discussion on how we are going to survive if when I am accepted. I think working during breaks may be a good change of pace. It may also be a huge stressor with more time away from your family. Our plan at this point is when the time comes for breaks we will play it by ear. If we need time together at that point than I won't work. If we have been able to have ample time and we feel working would be an advantage then I will work. I think the key point here is to have some type of understanding with your spouse before the time comes to help avoid some of the stress.


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Depending on the format of the program you may not have the kind of "break" you knew as an undergrad. In many intergrated programs when you are "in-between semesters" at the university you are scheduled for clinical except if using you are using some of your limited amount of "Vacation time". You need to balance your desire to have a break before the program with his panic over income loss. It will be worth it in the end!!!!!


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I agree. The program I am starting is integrated and the only breaks we get are after the first two semesters. After that, there is no scheduled break since I will be in the OR most of the time.

In my opinion, the amount of money you will make working a few shifts during a week off is not even worth it. You will need to have that downtime to recoup from the intenseness of school and spend some much needed time with your family. If paying the bills is the issue, borrow a little more and worry about it when you graduate.


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I am the same way. If I had worked during my breaks these two semesters I would be crazy in my head right now. You definately need the down time. You will probably see that most breaks are not that good anyhow as you will probably be trying to catch up. I know that is how I was on Spring break!


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ok,,, my school started in august i quit in july cuz i couldn't take it anymore. my wife doesn't work at all. and I didn't work durring christmas. we have two kids and a house.

and we are fine. we have studnent loans but there not any bigger than anyone else I know. the money issue can make you nervous but if you take care of it up front. ie. get all you apps in. plan your budget for when your in school ect. i agree with an above poster who said it isn't worth it. to work. its not. energize now. take a vaction. work hard through the first semester. and recupe through christmas. take an eductionone loan out and pay off those credit cards to deminish your liable cach flow. it will ease your mind. we are livining on 1k a month. there are thrift crocerie stores here. your going into a drought so you may as well act like it. pay off car or sell one. ect...

you must have your husband attend the orientation meeting he will get a feel for how serious this is. I know some wives that didn't come to oreintation. those wives call there husbands in the library all day. and they say "what are you doing" lol... " oh I am just at the bar with my buddies" j/k this will require mental stamina.


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In my program the "break" was only from classes. Clinical became a 5 day a week thing when classes wern't in session. During my 28 months there were 2 weeks off that came out of a vacation/sick day "bank". Tell your husband to cool it. Raising the stress level only freaks everyone out. The extra money will be gone in a few months and he'll be wondering where you went too.


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initially i had planned on working - but there really isn't time - alot of people in my class do - but limited times and the ones who work alot are in positions where they use much of the time as study time (no pt assignments)

here is what i have done - i had all my toys sold - ie : we only kept things that were paid off - therefore the only bill we had was the house - student loans take care of school - my husband works and i took out a personal education loan to cover my expenses (parking, food etc) husband also got a little freaked - i agree it is a natural response - but so far - so good.


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Thanks for the speedy input! I will be going to TWU and as I understand there is a month break around the holiday season. I will have to print all of your responses and share your thoughts with my husband! I swear if he says "No vacations for at least 3 years" or "Not till you get your students loans paid off!" one more time I will have to think about muzzling him! LOL!!

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Quote tcrn: I feel like we should be saying "praise God" and spending more time TOGETHER. Not just trying to have me spinning my wheels trying to score more hours at the hospital.


Yeah, and during school he'll be the one coaxing "hey, let's go see a movie, have dinner with friends, spend the beautiful day at the zoo/park/whatever. Nope. Gotta study. Spend time together NOW, while you can.


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