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question about RSU


I have heard from various people that it is extremely hard to get into the nursing program BUT I am told by the school that as long as youg get A's and B's in the 5 pre-req courses your pretty much in. They rank you according to those grades and the top 75 are in. Anyone had experience with their application proccess? ANyone get A's and B's and then not be accepted?

Thanks in advance

I just recently finished my 1st year of nursing school at RSU and it is fabulous!! You can get in the program with C'S!!!! I know a couple of girls that got in with c's in dosage and c's in a&p. I don't suggest that you get c's because your the last to be chosen. I suggest All A's if possible and if not don't worry you'll get in with all b's. Try to get any A in dosage if possible but a b will do 2. Dont worry if you have b's in any of your classes I had 4 A's and 1 B and I got in and I know some that had 1 A 3 B's and 1 C and still got in. Anymore questions just ask.:nuke:

Thanks for the response!

I am nervous! I am a Bio major and unhappy. I took dosage calculation and fundamentals of pharmacology as elective courses and decided the nursing program was for me. Ive been very happy about the choice to change majors. Do you happen to know if, after the first 2 years, if you can seamlessly move on to the bachelors program or do you have to be apply and hope to be accepted to that?

Thanks again.

How does your gpa come into play? Do they only look at the grades of their selected pre-req's and not gpa?



They only look at those 5 pre-reqs! They will send you an application packet with all the info if you call them, nice people.

The dosage calculation class is easy but you cant miss any of them, there are quizzes at every class and missing a few of those will ruin your grade. I will be retaking it in the fall because I got a C.

I am accepted into the nursing program for this fall and I had A's in all the pre-reqs but Comp and I had a C in that. You might be able to get in with 1 or 2 C's. Focus trying to get your best grades in the sciences and Dosage Calc. Hope that helps.

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