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My name is Brenda and I am a housewife who is wanting to start in the RN Profession. I realize that being a nurse is a demanding field but I am ready for the challange. So if any of you can help, please let me know.

Thank you.

Distance education is a great alternative in adult education, but nursing should not just be considered a selection of classes that need to be completed in order to get a degree. Nursing education is something that also needs to be experienced.

I would suggest that you determine which non nursing courses are required for the nursing program that you determine to be your interest. These more than likely can be completed via traditional correspondence, or through universities that offer programs via the internet. Complete these courses in the manner that you choose, and then enroll for your actual nursing courses at an accredited institution. I am unaware of any internet learning sites that will grant a degree in nursing without a previous RN (such as a diploma or ADN). University of Phoenix offers programs in which a BSN can be obtained, but it is a program for those that are already licensed RNs, and you are still required to take part in clinical education experiences.

Nursing is a very challenging and wonderful field, but it is a career that requires committment and dedication. Fortunately, there are now many opportunities for adults interested in advanced education, that take into consideration the special needs of adult learners, including both family and career obligations and commitments. Distance learning is a prime example.

I hope this has been some help to you. Best wishes in your endeavors to become a RN. There are wonderful opportunities that await.

Have you found any internet nursing programs? I also have a time shortage and I've heard that internet or correspondence nursing programs are good for those that want the degree to work in administration. I have some information, but not much. Would be willing to share what I have.

I'm Lchat again inquiring if you have found any good internet classes focusing on a nursing goal. I forgot to give you my email address - it's [email protected]

I've just been accepted to Syracuse University's Graduate Nursing Program. Its called Distance Learning. Three summer residencies and e-mail/snail mail paperwork. Clinicals locally were you live. Three years part-time. Good Deal! - otherwise I wouldn't be able to do it with my obligations. I don't know about any others except Regent College for RN. Good Luck!

I am enrolled in an RN-MSN program through Graceland College Outreach Program which is an accelerated, directed-independent study program. I attend three on-campus residencies which are comprised of 2 weeks each, along with a tremendous amount of preparation prior to attendance. The non on-campus courses are handled through correspondance by snail-mail, but I have not been disappointed whatsoever in the quality of education that I have received so far. Sometimes I feel as if it has surpassed some of the undergraduate classes I had at a major university! do have to have a degree/diploma and be a licensed RN though. I echo all of the previous replies also. I must too, still perform clinicals in my community as well as all of the other traditional coursework. Using directed-independent study gives you time to be with your family and schedule most of the coursework at your convienence. Matter-of-fact I am preparing for an on-campus residency in Independence, Missouri for June 99! If you are truly committed to being a nurse, you will find a way to proceed in a manner which will benefit you. Where there is a will...there IS a way!

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