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My cousin's wife who works from home with an insurance company as a nurse. She highly recommended me to get a job working from home with an insurance company because she loves it. So now I am highly interested and have been looking. However, I noticed that all of the job postings are for full time positions, M-F.  I'm on the fence of applying because my husband and I just got married and we want to start trying for a baby soon within the next few months possibly, and I would like to work part time hours when we do have our first baby to help raise him/her. I don't mind working full time hours now until then, but do you guys know whether insurance companies would allow their employees to cut down to part time hours like in hospital jobs? Or are they pretty strict on you maintaining full time hours? 

If they're pretty strict on employees maintaining full time hours, I'm thinking of just staying at my current job because they are more flexible in allowing us to cut down our hours. Just wondering because it seems like there are virtually no part time jobs for remote nursing with insurance companies?

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I noticed the same thing with home care Nursing Jobs.  They will not let you work part-time unless you've been working there for a while...

I'm currently considering legal nurse consulting jobs...


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🙌 Congrats! I'm so glad I came across your post.  My Husband and I are currently trying too, I've traveled for the last 8 years and have done HEDIS Nursing through the Winter months. This time of year is a great time to get into a remote Nursing position.  Companies will be hiring for HEDIS Chart Review Nurses later this month and into November for part time.  Part time = 16-20hrs per week up to 40, your choice depending on how much you want to work and some don't what time of day you work as long as you're getting a minimum in.  I teach and have a fast track study guide to HEDIS Nursing. Take Care!

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