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Hello, I just had a simple question that I haven't been able to find an answer to.

When I was a freshman in college I did not take school seriously at all. And to make it worse when I was in highschool I took dual enrollment classes which caused me to recieve a C in Spanish for Spanish Speakers, C in American History I, and D in Rhetoric. Then when I began college I got a F in Anatomy & Physiology, C in Dietetics, C in Cultural Anthropology. I retook all these courses and got A's except in A&P where I recieved a B.

From what I've heard is that the CRNA schools will not only look at your overall GPA but especially at your nursing courses. I had a major reality check after having my daughter 6 months ago and the semester I was pregnant I got straight A's and so far nearly every grade I recieve is an A. This January I start the nursing program and am just hoping that my chances for becoming a CRNA arn't totally impossible.

I do know that there are many other qualifications that need to be done (I have read a LOT on this thread) but I just couldn't find the answer for this question.

Thank you in advance.


I'm not sure what you are asking but I will take a guess. Many schools look at your science grades and want it to be > 3.0 and your over all gpa the same. The fact that you retook the A&P class speaks volumes. You really need to buckle down and do extremely well in the BSN program. If you have not taken a chemistry class, I would recommend you fit that into your course load.

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Minimum GPA for most programs is 3.0 and a few allow a 2.75. Minimum B's in certain classes. I got a C in Chem, retook this yr got an A and was accepted for a Jan class.

Put the past behind you, and plan to never make bad grades again. Grades are not the only thing that get you accepted into CRNA school. I just got accepted into school with some pretty big blemishes on my transcripts. I had 2 Fs and a couple of Cs. None of those were in nursing. I had a 3.2 gpa from nursing courses and a 1210 on my gre and 7+ years CVICU work experience. In the interview they told me that people are allowed to make mistakes, as long as they improve. Make As and Bs in your nursing courses, nail your GRE score and get great work expience and references when you apply to school.

Sorry if my question was unclear. I was just wondering if the CRNA schools would be put off by the fact I retook classes. I was such an idiot. I just stopped going to A&P and bombed it.

I have taken the prereq science courses BIO - A, CHEM - A, A&P2- A so will that F in A&P1 really effect my chances even though I retook it and my nursing school gpa is above a 3.5 and my overall gpa is good too?

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I was in a similar position as you. Didn't take undergrad seriously because I was young and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Got a 2.4 GPA in a BA degree. Few yrs later went on to get my associate's in nursing, GPA better, but not great. Thought I'd never go back to school. After 7+ years of working in ICUs, decided I wanted to go to CRNA school. Retook A&P and chem classes, getting A's in all of them. Went back to get BSN & got straight A's. I knew I had no room for error considering my previous academic career. Got a 1300 on GRE. I am now in my first semester of CRNA school. Got accepted on my first try to my top choice. Point is, you can make up for previous bad grades. You just have to do extremely well from now on. During my interviews, I was commended on retaking older science classes and doing so well. Good luck!

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Would think that they may see it as maturity that you did so much better. The school that I am about to go to wanted a B minimum in certain classes and a 3.0 GPA overall. I didnt have as bad a time as you. I barely made a C in chemsitry 5 yrs ago and retook it this last Jan and earned an A.

So keep going and get good grades through nursing school.

Good grades is a must from what I have seen from all the requirements from many school's web sites. After you get your BSN can always retake classes while you are working and making money? maybe

Are you in school for an ADN or a BSN? If you're in school for an ADN, your grade will likely not matter. When you have an ADN, then continue to a BSN, they "count" your credits toward your BSN but do not include your GPA. If you're in a BSN program, that's a different story. CRNA programs are quite competitive, but if you're willing to be flexible with relocation you'll increase your chances. Keep up the awesome work with your grades and keep and your mind open to a multitude of options. You may find that your interests change as your practice begins...

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