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Question regarding furthering my education????(getting certified)


I currently am an R.N. I have my B.S.N. I've worked medical/surgical step-down for 2-3 years. Now I've been working cardiac step-down 2-3 years.

I'm getting bored in my current position. But I don't want to make any huge changes. Mostly because I'm only working contigent, taking care of my kids.

I'm interested in making a move...probably a job move....but I'm going to wait until next Sept. Having a new baby and a toddler's keeping me busy!!! But I'd love to take a nursing class. I'm too busy for pursuing an NP degree (MSN) but I'm interested in Certifications.

I often hear people being certified...how do you become certified in something??


Specializes in ORTHOPAEDICS-CERTIFIED SINCE 89. Has 30 years experience.

I'm certified in Ortho since 1989 (RN ONC). Mine is through the Orthopaedic Nurses Credentialing Center.

So once you decide what specialty you want-probably cardiac nursing(?) then you apply to take the certification exam.

There are many through the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


There will usually be a study guide, a certain amount of hours in the specialty is required.

To renew there is usually a certain number of continuing education hours, or a repeat exam.

Good luck and enjoy that baby!

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