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Hello everyone. I am going to be a RN shortly, looking to relocate from the US to Canada. I was reading this info earlier on the Canada immigration website.:

Does below mean I am only considered temporary in Canada? I thought I could get a permanent working visa under NAFTA? If anyone could pls clarify...thanks!

Where to Apply: NAFTA/CCFTA Professionals may apply for an employment authorization at a Port of Entry (except for citizens for Chile), at a visa office abroad, or from within Canada if the applicant is already in Canada as a visitor.

Duration: The duration of NAFTA/CCFTA Professional status is for an initial period of one year. An unlimited number of one-year extensions may be subsequently obtained, provided that the employment is truly "temporary" in nature


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No, you have to renew your visa every year just like Canadians in the US do so it is considered temporary. Many people I know make a bit of a holiday out of it ("Sorry boss, I need a week off to go to the border and renew my visa:)"). It isn't generally a problem though. You're only permanently allowed in Canada if you go through the whole immigration process to become a landed immigrant or a citizen.


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The letter you bring to customs needs to say that the employer is employing this person temporarily for a year. Each year you can be employed "temporarily" for a year by the same employer.

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