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Hello, I wrote the B.O.N in April to get clearance to take to NCLEX exam. I have a Felony Criminal Mischeif (for keying a car, I know STUPID) on my background, I still have not heard anything from them and its the middle of JULY! Im suppose to start school in September. I call them and they tell me they can't tell me anything until the case is reviewed. Im having a LOT of sleepless nights, I have came TOO far to not beable to become a nurse. The case was Deferred Ajudication and was 61/2 years ago, have not been in trouble since. I know how the whole process works, believe me I have been reading about it online during my sleepless nights. My question is has anyone been through this with a similar case?? Thanks...

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April and May is the biggest time for BON activieis-- are getting hit with graduating nurses licensing requests. 3 to 6 months is normal response time

See thread Declaratory order to Texas BON for info.

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