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Question about prioritization...

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I was going through to quite a few of a review book and by the look of it the "A" in ABC doesn't always have to be "the choice" if it is in one of the choices..... sometimes it is a detractors.

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msleely specializes in MICU.

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I took a Kaplan class a few weeks ago and this is what was told us.

1)First identify the topic (sometimes they give you all this information and you have to make sure to focus on what the question is asking)

2) Is validation required

-assessments or implementations in the answer choices

-do I need to assess more before I act or is there assessment info

-any assessment info in the stem of question

-if there are 3 implementations and 1 assessment in answer choices

that may be a clue (not everytime but sometimes you made need

additional assessment info)

3) Maslow: physical needs priority

-if all answers are physical do not always use ABCs (ask yourself

does ABCs makes sense given the topic)

-do not always select respiratory answers

4) If all answers are physical or psychosocial determine the outcome of

each answer (which is appropriate to the topic) what is the expected/best outcome

I will tell you this information has been helpful for me. I have also run across questions were ABCs are an option but it doesn't go with what is going on.

Also with the 3 implementations and 1 assessment I try to pay attention and make sure that I have adequate information or if I need more. The outcome is also a good technique. Sometimes all of the answers seem good but I'll think of what will come from each and what is most appropriate. I hope this helps you.

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