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I have a question for those that passed the NCLEX and used Kaplan as "ONE" of their sources :D

I just graduated last Friday and am starting the process of studying for the NCLEX. I have Saunders, Kaplan, NCLEX Made Easy, and since my school recomm F.A. Davis I have that as well as the Insanely easy books from the Rayfield course that was included in our last semester.

My question though is with the Kaplan chart of 10 critical thinking paths that they recommend that you memorize to help plan your attack of how to answer various questions. Is this worth the bother and is there really that sort of recognizable system on the boards? I've done 200 practice questions so far as a pretest, now I was going to go over basic patho's to refresh and focus on endocrine and cardiac before taking more tests.

However (if you have the book it's on pg 91) and it's the "real world" section of type questions and I'll try to shorten it!

A pt has acute alcohol intox. He has a 5 year hx of abuse, he's agitated and verbally abusive. Orders inc Librium 50 mg IM or PO q 4-6hrs for agitation. The nurse should take which of the following precautions after Librium is administered?

A. Place the pt in restraints

B. Leave the pt in a room by himself until tranquilizer takes effect.

C. Assign a LPN to stay with the client and assess his condition.

D. Ask the security guard to stay with the pt.

Now the answer is C but since I was taught to never delegate the nursing process, I'm confused with the word "assess" and how that answer is correct! Frankly I didn't like any of the answers, I knew to rule out restraints but beyond that I honestly didn't like any of them, but I'm concerned that I could have a question on there that ordinarily I would rule out delegating an assessment as an answer but apparantly on a "real world" type question it's acceptable:uhoh3:

So after all that background I'm basically asking if there's a way to figure out if it's a mangagement question vs a real world question and if the pathways are really sound advice. I"m starting to think that I have too many books and might get bogged down in the process instead of just focusing on one but I've heard good things about Saunders, Kaplan and Davis.....sooooo HELP!!!

btw Im planning to schedule my boards for September since August is rumored to be gone already. Okay shutting up now TIA :D

I forgot my log in acct.But then I have t reply back to everybody to say tahnk u especially to silver dragon! so i started making a new one!My father in in the ICU, now so recieving my License was like a big relieve to him..God is Good,and also people who have a good heart!Thank so much guys!i love you all!

I'm not too sold just using purely Kaplan. Kaplan works for some and not for others. I passed the 1st time using Kaplan but I honestly believe that knowledge trumps all techniques and strategies.

If you do have a sound foundation in theory, Kaplan can be useful in helping you narrow choices down which boils down to a guessing game thus improving your odds to getting the question correct. There is no way in the world that you will know everything on the exam.

My recommendation would be to go through the entire Saunders book to get a good foundation. Don't memorize everything. Then use Kaplan's qbank questions to practice. They are very similar in structure to what you will see on the exam, so you won't freak out when you start the exam.

where can i find Kaplan and saunders books, can someone please post the website details. I am a pre-nursing student. thanks

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