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My daughter is a MP in the army. Right at the end of basic training she had an incident where she hurt her hip. After doing a five mile run without stretching (as ordered by her superiors) she miss stepped a curb while walking back to the barracks. She tells me she heard a pop.:eek:

Basic training ended and she came home to sit in the local recruiting office for 2 weeks. She told me the hip hurt but she could tolerate it.

After two weeks she was shipped off to her duty station.

Since she has been there she has had several problems with her hip. She has been put on a medical profile (light duty) with several restrictions (which some of her superiors disregard). This past week she was on leave she drove several hours and basically resumed normal life and now is is severe pain and had to go to the ER, they gave her a cane, naproxyn and percocet. She says this hip pops out of place at times. She also says she hears a grinding sound when this happens:confused: .

I am an oncology nurse and only know general information regarding ortho stuff. Does this make sense to anyone??????

She does have an ortho appt on Monday but she is getting a really hard time from some of her superiors stating she is faking it. I basically gave her the riot act tonight because she was harrassed so much she was going to cancel the appt. Hopefully I got through but I was wondering if any of the hip stuff makes sense to any one out there.


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Sounds like what she has is called a "snapping hip" and sometimes there is no pain, but there also could be some bursitis, or even a fx that has been missed.

First off, her "supervisors" are wrong for violating her profile! This should be reported, as by repeatedly going against it, will only make things worse. I would make sure they do an MRI to determine just how bad this is. Conservative tx does work, but she needs to know, that there isn't something else going on also.

Also she can't be made to go against her profile! It violates the UCMJ ( Uniform Code Of Military Justice). I'm thinking Article 93 would apply here.

I would also have her pay a visit to the Chaplin for help here. I would say JAG, but this might just make things worse. But she needs to stop letting her profile be ignored, or being shamed into ignoring her profile. This is totally wrong! Don't let them get away with this.

If my son had listened to his "supervisors" he might not be here today! As they ignored his complaiints of lower abd pain, and he ended up with a ruptured appendix!!! If I were you I would even make a call to the Chaplin! JMPO here. I hope things work out for the best for your daugher:)


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Thank you for your reply.

I spoke with my daughter today. She is still using the cane but doing better. She has an appointment with ortho on Monday which she WILL keep. She spoke with her 1st sgt and her CO and both believe her and want her to get it fixed. SO hopefully we are headed in the right direction.


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You're welcome and I hope your baby will be well taken care of. Glad to hear she went to her company's TOP and CO, and hopefully they will ensure her profile is followed. Remind her to carry her profile with her at all times.

Good luck to you both:)


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I agree on that. With how she fell it is very possible fracture, with all the extra pressure especially. I understand she must not be too bad if she can still tolerate well, but when she is hurting pretty bad i would suggest not to let her bend too much the hip. A little bit is fine but the extra pressure when in pain could be hurting it. Hopefully you will find out monday. Good luck! and let us know.

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