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This Friday, I will be having an interview for an on-call position at a SNF. Does an on-call mean I will be called if someone calls in sick? Am I going to have a schedule advance? Can I give my availability a month advance?

How does it work? I don't want to go to the interview and waste their time if I'm not able to commit an on-call status every day.

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Usually, you will be on-call during certain days and times. You will be paid a small amount per hour while on-call ($2.50 where I work) but not working. You must be able to be at work within a certain time (1 hour in our hospital).


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i have worked prn at long term facility. usually the staffing person will give dates and shifts they need nurses and i can tell her what dates and shifts i can work, and that will be my schedule. some facilities will do scheduling for a whole month, and some facilities will do week by week. if they are really short of nurses, due to call ins, etc they usually call on call nurses. on call nurses have to work the whole shift and the hourly wage is higher than regular staff nurses ( i was paid $6 dollars more per hour) but they wont be eligible for benefits.


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No interview is a waste of time, it's for them to find out about you but also for you to find out about them and see if it's a good fit for you both. You won't know the details to make a decision with until you go interview and find out. Different places may have different requirements.


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Thank you every one for your reply. Yes, I'll be going to the interview to see how it is. I hope it 'll go well.

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