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Hey nurses! I am an RN in LTC but have a sad situation at work that you all may have input on. There is a CNA at my work that the other CNAs complain to me about because she has a very strong feminine odor that is not very pleasant. I even have one resident that refuses this CNA because of this. Management has supposedly mentioned the issue to her but I suppose she was not able to fix her problem. I am hesitant to bring the issue up to her because apparently it has already been mentioned in the past but at the same time I am worried about her health. To me it smells almost as if she could have a female cancer or something! I know that sounds severe but I used to work in oncology and some cancers have an odor. Any thoughts on what it could be??

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Something she needs to address with her healthcare provider. Since you aren't her manager, it's not your place to say anything to her. It's quite possible she is fully aware of the situation.


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Any thoughts on what it could be??

We cannot possibly diagnose what it could be as this is providing medical advice and against Terms of Service.

Agree with Rose_Queen that she needs to get medical advice from Health Care Provider.