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Hi, I am a nursing student living in Ontario. A couple of my classmates and I are doing a project on the frequency of the practice of needle recapping. We were assigned this topic to be specifically questioning nurses who have been in practice for 25 years +. We need to gather data on this group as to who recaps and who doesn't. I was hoping I might find some nurses in the province ( this is important because we can only use figures from Ontario) who would be willing to answer a few questions completely anonymously for the sake of having numbers to work with. We are also going to community and long term care but we doubted the compliance of the local hospital so I thought trying online might work :)

If you wish to participate you can answer me through private message but I will post the questions here:

Have you been a practicing nurse for 25 years or more?

(if no then please ignore this survey :) )

Do you recap after giving an injection?

If so, why do you recap?

a) you were taught to do so

b) its quicker

c)its safer


e) other -please specify

How do you feel about the adaptation to this practice? Do you feel that it would benefit you to alter your technique and refrain from recapping after injections?

Thank you to anyone who participates!!!!!!

suzanne4, RN

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You are not going to have valid results that will make any difference in giving you the data that you are looking for. Your sample size is not going to be indicative of anything as a start.

You also need to have 15 posts or you cannot respond to their pms as well. And nothing on the internet is completely anonymous as well.

You are also not going to have near enough information by just this one question that you are asking to be able to give a presentation on it, or write a paper on it.

Just my two cents on the topic.:twocents::twocents:

loriangel14, RN

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I agree with Suzanne. Limiting your survey to nurses that have been nursing for at least 25 years will eliminate most of the potential responders.


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I understand what you are both saying. As I stated, we were assigned the topic. We certainly would not have chosen it. We are not writing a paper on it and this is really only a small part of the project. We do need data to support the fact that there are nurses who recap. We actually need to develop a mini seminar aimed at teaching nurses who have been working for over 25 years to not recap. Frankly, I feel it is rather presumptuous to assume that only nurses who have been practicing for that amount of time recap, or even that they recap at all. This is simply an experiment and if you do not wish to participate that is fine. I am only looking for willing participants and would appreciate those responses as they will be helpful and accurate.

As for the anonymity I meant that I can be private messaged and therefore the rest of the board doesn't have to see the results. Which is why I suggested being PMed. I will not be sharing anything specific with anyone at all.


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and thank you for letting me know why I can't send PMs :)

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