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Question about NS w/previous misdemeanor

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I am applying to UA's Accelerated program next year and I just had a few questions for the people who have applied/got in. I have a 3.4 cumulative GPA and my pre-req GPA for their program is a 3.7. I graduate in May with a B.S in Health Sciences so I plan on applying next January. I have good grades and I am really determined to become a nurse. The only thing that is discouraging me from applying is an incident that I had about 4 years ago. When i was 19, i got a drinking and driving ticket, a misdemeanor. Do you think think this will ruin my chances of getting into any accelerated nursing program or do u think i have a good chance? thanks!

The mods will tell you that no one here can answer that question.

What I can tell you is that I have 2 misdemeanors and I am in 2nd term NS.

Good Luck!

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Check UA's criminal background policy, call if you need it to be clarified. I know that for my school, one DUI in the past five years will exempt you from applying. Even if you get into the program, you'll have to worry about being able to get licensed, which is a separate matter. After getting licensed, you have to worry if employers will hire you. I don't mean to scare you but that's reality. Have you talked to a lawyer? You may be able to get the charge dismissed if you completed the terms -- arrest record will still show, but a dismissed charge is better than guilty or no contest. DUI's are taken very seriously in this field, even if its just a misdemeanor.