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Hi! Quick intro - I have been a longtime lurker and occasional poster in this forum. I am fascinated with what you do and hope to one day join you. The more I learn about anesthesia, the more I know it's for me.

I'm pursuing my ADN currently and plan to obtain my BSN while working. Then when my littlest one (who is now 3) is at least 9-10, I will pursue CRNA school.

My question is this: Does membership in a National/International Honor Society have any benefit when applying to CRNA school? I have been invited to join Phi Theta Kappa and plan to join regardless, but I am just curious if any of you are alumni of this organization.

BTW, I looked back about 4 pages in the forum and didn't find anything about this topic, so forgive me if this has been discussed previously. Thanks!:)

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Graduating with honors or being part of an honors society is almost expected to be considered a competitive applicant. Golden Key, Sigma Theta Tau, etc included. Good luck, and please check the CRNA FAQ sticky for lots of helpful info on admissions.


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i wasnt a member of any society.



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I wasn't a member of anything either. I think they look at your personality and experience more than any honors clubs. Most of my friends who did get into these dropped them after the first year because they saw no benefit to being a member. For example, instead of joining an honors society go join a disaster team, trauma team, etc. Something to give you more experience.

Good luck

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