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Question about Neuro RN



Im interested in going into the neurological healthcare field. I am currently a RN with my bachelors. I was wondering how many years of experience were required and what kind of things would help me to get into the door of Neuro? What kind of options do I have?



What experience do you have so far and what makes you want to be in neuro? I've worked 2.5 years and only in neuro. I can definitely say it chose me.

I'm not the OP, but I'm interviewing for neuro soon. As a new grad, I'm throwing spaghetti at the wall and will take anything. What makes you say neuro chose you? How will I know I'm a good fit for neuro?

Same. It's the first job I was offered and I took it. As tough as the job is, I do find neuro very interesting and I especially love stroke patients. Neuro is tough bc the pts are unpredictable, confused, and agitated. We get strokes, altered mental status, DTs and withdrawal, neurosurgeries, etc. It's a speciality that requires a lot of patience.

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My first job straight out of nursing school was on a neuro floor. I had one rotation on a neuro/trauma/peds floor in a smaller hospital during nursing school and enjoyed it, but otherwise I didn't have any particular experience.

If you're already an RN with an interest in this specialty, I'd just go ahead and start applying for nursing jobs. :) Once you get some experience, you could go on to become a CNS or a neuro NP, or stay at the bedside.

tlynette is right about the challenges. I've said this on other threads, but it can be really tragic or it can be like witnessing a miracle. Lots of ups and downs.