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question about the NCLEX



I am very pleased to be in this forum. I am currently studying for the NCLEX. I have a question to any of the new grads who have recently taken the test. Does the test have a new format? I read nursing bulletion that was provided by my state, and it states that the following items will be on the test. Multiple choice, fill in the blank and check all that apply to a specific answer. Is this true? How does one study for this type of test? Are there any new books that can be purchased to support this new test forum? Thank you for your replies in advance.


they do have all of these options listed as possible answering options but all I saw multiple choice and choose all that apply. Thye give you a complete information run through when you show up to test. don't sweat the small stuff. Go read the letter at the link I provided and then just use your NCLEX review book to take many many sample questions.


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You may get some of the new format questions but not enough to goof you up. I got 1 on my test...and out of 35 in my class the most was 4--so don't sweat (not enough to make or break you either way).

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