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i have few questions about infection control. if a patient have mrsa in sputum, is it considered droplet precaution? what kind of protections do you use? do you use paper plates for meals or do you use the same plates from the kitchen? do you use mask and gown whenever you enter patients room, even just to ask patient a question or talk to the patient?

if patient have mrsa in the urine, do patients always have foley?

too many questions? i'm sorry.... :trout: but i appreciate some answers. :idea:


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MRSA is droplet transmission, you can use regular dishes if they remain in patient room long enough for droplets to evaporate, otherwise disposable is recommended. Patients should never have a foley for convenience, this puts them at even higher risk for more infections. Standard PPE is to be used, if patient has large wounds contaminated then gowns and caps are recommended especially if wound irrigation and extensive dressings are necessary. It is recommended to always don PPE when entering a patients room sice you can never be quite sure what will transpire when you are in the room. Always wash hands with extensive friction for at least 30 seconds before and after patient contact or use alcohol based foam. I hope this helps, beleive it or not these guidelines are always changing.

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Actually MRSA is Contact precaution, not droplet.

We give them regular trays and plates along with everyone else. Dietary uses universal precautions when handling the used trays from all patients, and the dish washer kills the MRSA.

If the patient isn't done with their meal by the time the dirty tray cart is returned to the kitchen we then bag the tray and put it in a holding area for them to pick up later.


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Actually, both posters above are correct. You would use contact precautions except in the event that it is in the sputum - then it is droplet precautions.

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