Question about missing for urgent dental work during 90 days probation


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Hi all. I just landed a job as a chart abstractor... local hospital. Next week.. wednesday. . I go sign my offer letter. I was told sometime after that I will be scheduled for a physical.

There is a problem. I have always had good attendance I am rarely sick.. my kids are teens now and at my last job of 2 yrs, I never missed a day for sick kids.. I missed one due to GI bug.

However.. entire time of last job... small clinic..I was in invisalign braces. The office was laid back and did not care if I missed for orthodontist or dentist appt as long as I was there when patients were there. And I was. If we began w pts at 9.. I was at ortho at 8. I took that time unpaid and stayed late other times to get phone calls done.

The current problem.. I had two severe complications.. one dead front tooth and the other with root resorption and an iffy prognosis. Ortho has watched it and hasn't wanted me to proceed with an implant because my xray have stabilized. However.. tooth is increasingly mobile.

How am I going to handle possible need for more dental work during my probation? I am going to try and get worked in at ortho next week but who knows what will happen next? Do I ask HR when I complete my paper work if I can miss for appts? I am not working without a tooth!


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I would talk to your new immediate supervisor about your need to take care of this.

Go to the time off policy, then immediately chat with your unit supervisor.

A good supervisor will have a heart, yet lay out your options in relationship to policy.

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Be upfront and honest. I can't imagine it being a problem, and if it is, that's a red flag, and you should feel grateful you saw it before you signed the offer.