Question about Lone Star Cy- FAir Nursing program


I'm thinking about transferring to lone star cy-fair to persue nursing degree. What kind of programs do they have? is there difference between LVN and ADN? are they same? do they offer ADN and RN ? How competative is it to get into either ADN or RN?


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There are separate programs for the LVN and ADN/RN programs. CyFair's ADN program admits in both the spring and the fall. The difference between the two is that LVN you get a certificate (I believe) and for the ADN you receive an associates degree and the opportunity to take the board exam (NCLEX) that allows you to be a registered nurse. The ADN program is quite competitive and there are threads that you might want to look at for more info: Fall 2010 Lonestar ADN Hopefuls and Lonestar CyFair College Fall 2009

Also, CyFair has another info session on April 21 in the Conference center Room 151. Check out their website here

They will discuss both the LVN and ADN program and what is expected to get into the program.

Good Luck!!!!


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A lvn(Licensed Vocational Nurse) goes to school for 1 year and provide bedside care to the patients.A Rn/ADN(Registered Nurse) goes 2 years and receives an associates degree.An RN Is more administrative .Example providing careplans for the patients,and completing all neccessory paperwork for discharge.Overall, an Lvn and Rn are both a Nurse.They have Lvn to Rn transition programs too.They have lvn to bsn programs as well .