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I am about to graduate from UAB School of Nursing, I have tons of questions about the NCLEX, License and where to work at!

I am not planning to stay in Alabama after graduate. So, I am wondering that if I am moving to another state after graduate, should I take the NCLEX here and get an Alabama license? Or I should just take NCLEX in the state I want to go to? If I am taking the NCLEX in Alabama, what procedure i need to do to transfer the license? States that I have in mind are California, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Please help me!


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I would go ahead and take the NCLEX here, you can get your license in other states after you pass boards. I think there is a fee and a waiting period. Traveling nurses are a good resource to give you more details on license transfer. If you ever decide to come back then you'll already have your license. Ultimately, that is a personal decision though. If you know for certain you won't work in Alabama then its not necessary to test here. Also, contact AL BON they have info on transfers. Good Luck and Congrats


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if you know you are going to relocate after graduation and know where, i would recommend that you obtain licensure for your new state. this will save you both time and money.

upon graduation you can submit your application to any state's board of nursing. when you get your authorization to test you can take the test at any authorized testing center, it does not have to be in the state in which you are applying for licensure.

one of the faculty at your school should be aware of the process and requirements. if not, contact the state board of nursing for the state in which you are seeking licensure. contact information for all state boards or nursing can be found at the following site: national council of state boards of nursing, member boards. i would definitely contact the board as soon as possible to ensure that you have met all educational requirements.

good luck in your future career.

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