Question-is dialysis a critical care specialty?

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Is dialysis in an outpatient, chronic-dialysis facility considered a branch of critical care nursing? Has anyone ever heard of critical care nurses not being able to "hack it", so to speak, in dialysis because it is such an intricate specialty? Would any of you not recommend dialysis in a chronic/outpatient facility to a nurse who has not had critical care experience?

would appreciate all comments. Thanks so much!



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Inpatient acute dialysis is definitely a critical care specialty, we get a diff!! I worked chronic dialysis and it is rough, acutes are better. you don't need critical care experience to work in chronic dialysis. They will teach you what you need to know. It is a specialty that has to be learned. I love dialysis, couldn't imagine doing anything else.


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I have worked in an outpatient chronic dialysis unit for 3 years and I love it. I prefer it over working in an acute unit because for me it combines technical nursing knowledge with community health. You do not need to have critical care experience to work in dialysis in either an acute or chronic setting.

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