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hi all.

When (if) your agency or office is hiring for more nurses, how do you advertise? One of my co-workers is in this huge tiff because we are hiring two new nurses from an ad in She feels that we should have gone through a more "traditional" route in the paper. Now, last time I check that wasn't even a traditional way to hire.

Can anyone help me out here?



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Why would she care?....I don't get it.

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Some news papers automaticly place your ad at or offer that service.

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At least if you hire through an online method, you're at least upping the likelihood of getting someone computer literate. That's pretty important nowadays. It's how I got my current job and I'm sure that applicants who applied the "traditional" way were at a disadvantage.

I agree it's not really her concern how the office hires as long as they get someone decent :).

(And the last time I had occasion to use the regular classifieds for a non-nurse position there was a pretty scary parade of humanity, most of whom didn't even meet the criteria we listed in the ad. If I was that co-worker, I'd just be grateful not to have to be involved at all in the hiring process ;).)


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I Would Not Care How Someone Else Got Their Job.....but I Would Probably Be A Way Of Weeding Out Before You Saw Someone Face To Face Maybe You Would Get Some Referals And Decline To Grant Someone Else An Appointment.....

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