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Question about grading of nclex

Hi !!

I am new here. Was googling and found allnurses wish I knew about it sooner !! I just wanted to know if anyone has any idea about how long it takes for the 2 grading of nclex. I know it's done at the test center then when it's delivered to pearson. Anyone know how long before they do it ??

I took nclex rn Monday. 75q. Feel like I failed (I know it's common feeling). Pvt gives me good pop up but I am terrified it's wrong because I feel like it could be a pass from testing center then fail once pearsonvue scores it. ( I also saw post here about pop up changing after 30hours to cc page and they failed).

I can get quick results tomorrow but freaking out. :nailbiting:

Is that possible or am I just feeding my anxiety ?


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99.9% ppl got good popup passed. Lol.

seems you already know the answer, 48 hours for quick results. if the good pop up is still popping up you most likely passed. the anxiety is likely just taking over, so go do something fun and check back tomorrow! good luck!

So you think they grade it at pearsonvue at anytime within 48 hours?

I am trying to stay busy :whistling: don't know how they sleep at pearson vue knowing they make us sweat then they make a butt load of money from quick results -- Snakes LoL

So my crazy anxiety is over and the pvt worked and did not change like I was terrified of I got quick results and I PASSED!


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