Question about giving acetaminophen and ibuprofen (tylenol and mortin) post partum

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Hello, I am starting my newborn and maternity rotation and I did a buddy shift and was curious about giving medications and wasn't able to ask her about it

My primary nurse gave the patient mortin (400 mg) and 2 tylenol ( 650 mg). she gave both to all of her patients (both c section and vag delivery)

I was just wondering why do we give both? is it because ibuprofen is an NSAID and will help the inflammation in the perineum? and acetaminophen is better for fever? but they are both for pain?

Also, she gave one patient with the c section both the ibuprofen and acetaminophehn at 8, then at 830 gave oxycodone, shouldn't we have waited a little longer? OR should she have asked how much pain she was in before giving tyelnol and mortin and just gave oxycodone for her pain from the c section?

she also did the same thing with some patients where she gave colace and metamucil both (PRN) and I would just think one would be enough? wouldn't it be to much if you are giving both and increase chance of diarrhea? since they both draw water into the stool?

The prn meds kind of confuse me because sometimes I dont know which one would be better to give or if to give both together and such..

Meds kind of confuse me still... sorry if this is a stupid question!

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You can give both both are for pain....although the Ibuprofen is the NSAID and helps with the inflammation in the perineum. Even with a C-section there is a lot of pain from inflammation. Giving oxycodone right with the Ibuprofen is to again help with the pain as the Ibuprofen is for inflammation and pain and the oxycodone is for pain as well.

Giving both laxative is necessary for this application for the colace softens the stool ( which you want after childbirth and episotomy site) and the Metamucil is a bulking type laxative that helps it move through.

Things ARE very sore down there!

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I'd have probably given the Tylenol and Oxy together and then given the Ibuprofen 3 hrs later (depending on if the meds are ordered q 4 or q 6) to make sure the patient does go too long without analgesics.

Colace and Metamucil are both pretty weak, IMO. Colace is a stool softener and Metamucil is bulk forming. Oxycodone is constipating. It's not going to hurt to give both.

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