Question about getting a license endorsement for another state

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If I have an RN license in California, but I want to apply for jobs in Oregon, can I get an "endorsement" (???) for Oregon so that I can work in both states, or do I have to transfer my California license to Oregon? If I get an endorsement for Oregon, will that show up when a potential employer verifies my California license...potentially telling a California employer that I'm also interested in Oregon and causing them to question my commitment to a job in California?

You can have a license in both states. I had one in Texas and California for a while.

A license cannot be transferred.

Employers won't care which states you're licensed in as long as you're licensed in theirs. Some people who work as travel nurses are licensed all over the place.

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You can be licensed in as many states as you want provided you pay their fees and complete their continuing education requirements. There is no such thing as "transferring" a nursing license. I doubt an employer is going to read that far into another license.

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