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Question about getting into Ivy Tech timeline?


I am sorry if this is dumb, I am still a little confused by this-

I have most of my pre-reqs done from my bachelor's degree, but took anatomy 1 last semester and am enrolled for anatomy 2 in the fall. (Thought it might be too much of a time crunch over the summer, and boy was I right- my husband had surgery last week and is off work for three weeks. I can't get ANYTHING done with him home! Haha) But anyway, if I am not done with anatomy in December, and I am hoping to get into a program in the Spring, will it be possible, or no? The application dates say everything has to be in by September, but obviously if I won't be done with 102..... I guess I am just confused, and hopeful that I won't have to wait until Fall of 2016 to get in.

Also I am not even sure how good my odds are- as I said, I am missing 102, but so far all my other pre-reqs (Aphy101, Psych, & English) are all B's. I re-took Psych last year and seriously had an 89% that she refused to round. Ughhh. :/

My first suggestion would be to go to ivytech.edu/nursing for additional details about the program at Ivy Tech. A&P 2 is actually not a pre-req to getting accepted into the program. If you have taken the pre-reqs (Eng. 111, Ivyt 112, Math 123 or higher, Psyc 101) and Teas V by or before that Sept. 1 deadline you should be able to apply for the Spring semester. Check with your local campus because some require you to attend an informational session before you apply. As for grades I would say it depends. There's 160 points total (60 from grades 100 from Teas scores). Students are each given a rank and the best are the ones that get in. For example, if there are 100 applicants and 30 spots they are going to take the top 30. From what I understand it can vary from semester to semester. Hope all of this helps and good luck!

I would take care of any and all of your co-reqs before the program. You can't take any in the last semester, and the first is just freaking crash course disaster-ish, so just get them out of the way. Having said that, the application may be due by September 1st, but they don't actually finish choosing the applicants at the end of the semester so you would be just fine.

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Get all of your prereqs and coreqs done before the program. You will be way too busy in the program to get them done and you cannot go onto your 4th semester unless they are all done. Lots of my classmates did not know this and were scrambling to find classes this summer and fall.

I don't know if all Bs is going to be good enough to get in the RN program. Ivy Tech is very competitive. You are going to have a better shot at LPN. I'm not sure what campus you are looking at.

Clinical hours can be wacky and not the same every week, so the only classes you can take will be at night. Homework and tests will consume a lot of your time also. I would maybe plan on getting everything done and doing a fall 2017 start date. My campus only admits RN cohorts in the fall. Not the spring. Make an appt with a nursing advisor.


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Pre-requisites have to be completed before beginning the program (there are 4).

It is beneficial to complete as many co-reqs as you can prior to beginning as well, just because you're going to be really busy the first semester.

BUT, with that said, you may run into an issue of not having enough hours to qualify for financial aid if you complete all of the co-reqs first. Check with your advisor and see which ones you can wait and take within the program so you don't lose your financial aid eligibility.

Also, there is a close Facebook group for all Ivy Tech nursing/pre-nursing students. Tons of great info. Please feel free to join if you have not done so already.