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Question on Expiring Science Courses.

by c092 c092 (New) New Student

So I'm about halfway finishing my associates degree and will be applying to an ADN nursing program Spring 2021. I have a question on expiring science classes though. When I finish my degree, will my science classes really only last 5 years?

I'm asking this question because I'm currently in the process of setting myself up for the BSN in case I ever wanted to get it. Like for example, I'm taking classes like Statistics and General Psychology that aren't needed for the program I'm applying to, but are for most BSN programs. I was interested in taking Chemistry but I'm probably wasting more money at this point. 😕

Depends on the school you plan on applying to. When I was applying, the majority of schools did state that the science pre-reqs (Anat, Phys, Micro, Chem) could not be over either 5 or 7 years. I've seen both 5 & 7 years depending on the program. Some will even throw in Statistics in the "expiring classes" category, but I only saw that once. They didn't care about the other classes.

I once attended a webinar for a school which didn't have this expiring class rule. BUT the lady who was director of admissions straight up told people that if their science pre-reqs were over 5 years old, they would advise you to retake them as it would look more favorable to the applicant (hint..hint) and it would be a great refresher. Not required, but advised. Obviously if the director of admissions is saying this, you know you have to do it to be competitive.

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My experience has been that while both ADN and BSN do have time requirements on core science courses RN-BSN programs have few if any such requirements. Would suggest looking at specific RN-BSN for any such requirement prior to taking those courses.

203bravo does have a point. Let's say you get into the ADN/ASN program and get your nursing degree. After that, you decide to bridge to BSN. Then it wouldn't matter how old your pre-reqs are because they just want to know that you are a licensed RN. Perhaps they might ask to see your ADN/ASN schooling transcript for how you did in the actual nursing program, but the pre-reqs are long-forgotten, so to speak, in that scenario.

Now, if for some reason you do not get into the ADN/ASN program and you try to just enroll into a BSN program first....this is where the time limit on pre-reqs will probably come in.

One thing I will point out is that many hospitals are going to just hiring BSN new grads. Something you might want to look at wherever you are planning on starting your career. Some also hire ADN/ASNs but then require you to get your BSN within a certain amount of years.

Good luck!