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Hello all!

I work in endoscopy. A question came up during a staff meeting about the Aldrete score.

As I understand it, the Aldrete score is used to asses the pt after sedation or a procedure. This score is used as a post-procedure tool as a way of determining criteria for discharge.

Our unit director is saying that we will now have to preform an Aldrete score pre-procedure, during the initial nursing admission. Myself, along with several other nurses, found this to be strange.

Do any of you nurses who work OR, endo, OPS, or any other area where sedation is given preform and Aldrete score before the actual procedure???

Thanks in advance for you time!


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I have been out of the OR for a little over a year, but as I recall, you have to do one pre-procedure to establish a baseline.


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We do one pre-op too.


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I float to the vascular lab quite often and we always do a pre , Q5mins during procedure (conscious sedation) and post procedure


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Thanks for all of your replies!

So for the pre-op aldrete score..what score do you give for the BP?

I thought the paramaters were +/- 20% pre-medication BP, etc?

How do you give a score for the 1st BP, with nothing prior to compare to and meds have yet to be given?


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As a long time PACU/procedural sedation areas (multiple) nurse, I have seen the Aldrete Score used to compare preprocedure baseline vs and abilities and not typically performed prior to procedure. Our facility doesn't do an Aldrete score prior to procedure but the information is readily available as a baseline since an assessment has been performed prior to procedure. You can find more information relating to the Aldrete Scoring at the American Society of Anesthesiologist website ( and the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses ( :twocents:

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