Question about employment requirements while going to WGU?

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Hi all! Just wondering if you must be working as an RN while you are attending WGU's RN to BSN program. Also, if you have to be working, do you have to be working acute care or is something like home health ok? Thanks!




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I work in community health primary care. I will be doing the RN to MSN . Your job counts as the clinical hours you need by performing assigned tasks or projects with work related issues. That's how it was explained to me. At the very least your license would need to be active and unencumbered.

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You DO have to be working as a nurse. However, there are no specific types of jobs that are required.

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I am currently enrolled in the RN to BSN program. You do have to be employed as a nurse, currently working. It does not have to be acute care.

It has been explained to me that, contrary to what TnMtnRose has posted, that paid compensated hours at your job absolutely do not count as clinical hours.

It's been a great program for me, Zacarias, I highly recommend it.