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I believe that I will be having an interview for LPN position nursing home. I had a phone message to return call If I was still interested in job I applied for last week. So, my question is during the interview, should I divulge that I left my last job four years ago, due to health reasons. I do have a chronic illness, but have been stable for the past two years. I am aware that I do not have to reveal this info, and it is a tough call. I do have a hidden disability. Currently, I feel fine. I know that I need proper rest and only plan to work PT. My last two interviews, I did not disclose the real reason that I left my last job. But, they were not physically demanding positions. I just stated that I wanted to be a full-time homemaker and was in a postion that I did not NEED to work. Truth is that I was exhausted and my Sarcoid was in flare-up mode. I was hospitalized frequently for two years following my resignation. However, my health has improved these past two years. I believe that my condition is under control with my meds and proper rest.

I would like to get back into nursing. The only experience that I have is in Behavioral Health. Although, I have worked with geri pts. in the psych facility that I worked at. My illness started brewing while I was in nursing school. I graduated at the age of 40. I am now 51. So, I have minimal experience. My nursing history is 18 months in drug rehab and 4 yrs. in psych facility. I really do not feel qualified for many nursing positions. As experience is usually required. I have been thinking the best place to start back into nursing would be LTC. As, experience is usually not required, and hopefully I would learn a lot.

I realize that LTC can be physically demanding and good team support is needed. I think that I should be up front for this interview. Any suggestions???


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I would rather work per-diem if I were you since you never know when your illness will flare up. Per-diem is flexible, you work when you feel that you can work.

Good luck in whatever decision you made.

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Normally, the time to disclose medical information is after you have been offered the job and you have to take the physical.

It is a good idea to consider per diem, though, if you haven't worked in four years. Doing that might allow you to come back gradually and make adjustments as needed without causing your illness to flare up again.

I wish you the best.


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Yes, I should have marked per-diem. I know my last job was per-diem, but I chose to work more close to FT hrs. Eventually, I moved to PT, then FT. I don't know what I was thinking when I applied. I would like to start with two days a week, but I don't know if they would consider that PT.

Oh well, perhaps, I will call back and maybe see about an interview. It wouldn't hurt to find out more about the job. Perhaps, I would be able to work 24 hrs. a week. Actually, I am almost forced to work 24 hrs. a week. I have disability from my last job. Since, my condition has improved I am expected to find work that will be at least 24 hrs.a week. They will pay me the difference from what I made from my last job. They will continue for one year. Also, I would continue to get SS for 9 months. It is considered a "trial period". It is their incentive to return to work. I am willing to give it a try. I will be devastated if I can't handle it.

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