Question about cover letter

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I am a new graduate nurse and I am preparing my resume and cover letters to start applying to positions. I am interested in applying to multiple positions at a mental health facility on different floors. Do I write a personalized cover letter for each position? Or just tweak the same cover letter based on the unit? I wrote one cover letter and most of the content could apply to the other floors as well.


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I would just tweak a little.

TriciaJ, RN

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If the postings are on different floors in the same facility, do you really need a separate application for each? I think I would just send my resume, with a cover letter that states I am applying to any open position that I would be found suitable for. I would go on to state why I want to work in that facility, and maybe mention that I am open to working with any unit-specific population.

As a new grad, it might be premature to have an opinion as to whether you would prefer to work with adolescents, geropsych, substance abuse, etc. Just state that you are open to any kind of experience.

Good luck.

Thank you both for your help! 😊