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i'm studying for lifespan 2 and i'm getting overwhelmed by all the drug names. there are only a few mentioned in the content guide so are those the only drug names for each category i need to know? i just don't want to get into the test and be surprised with some drugs i didn't study!!

any other pointers for ls2? i'm really nervous about this one as everyone seems to have a hard time with it.


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there were not that many drug qs when i took my lifespan 2. i did not look at the content guide. i memorized all the drugs mentioned from the practice exams. and i read the medication sections (psych & endocrine) in saunders review book.

good luck. don't psych yourself out too much. this exam is just like the rest. study the same way you've been doing.



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thanks angel! trying not to get too crazy about it as i have done well on everything else. but this is also my weakest areas so i'll be putting a lot more effort into this exam. i'm just studying the drug categories and the actual drugs listed on the content guide. hopefully they stick to that!!


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If LS 2 is the same as NC 5, I don't remember drugs being heavily emphasized on.. I would just focus on the ones listed in the guide.