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Question for all clinic nurses

Has 6 years experience.

I work for a hospital that recently merged with a large specialty clinic network. I interviewed for a coordinator position in the allergy clinic and the manager went over the RNs responsibilities in that role. They will be getting rid of the MA that works with the allergist, so I would be filling those duties. Rooming patients, getting vital signs, assisting with procedures, monitoring the patients after their injections, triaging calls, etc. We will be in a clinic with pulmonologists, so I will also be resource to the pulmonology staff as well. The allergist will be in clinic only 3 days a week, so on one of those days I will be working in the urology clinic to assist their LPN with any procedures she/he is unable to do. I am also expected to assist the manager with bringing the clinic up to joint commission standards.

I think this is a lot for one person to do. I haven't worked in a clinic as an RN, so I don't know if this is too much, or if it is doable. I would like to hear what others think before I accept the position (if it is offered to me). Any feedback is appreciated.


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All that sounds like out patient nurse duties if you can keep up. That's the kicker...how many patients are scheduled each day?

Love2Sleep, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

Thanks for the reply. The MD told me she currently sees 15 patients per day which may change with the anticipated growth in her practice. I'm not sure how many patients the pulmonology practice sees per day, however. Because majority of my nursing experience is in acute care, I wasn't sure if the duties I mentioned were realistic. It sounded like a lot of responsibility for one person.

I appreciate your feedback!

dream'n, BSN, RN

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What sort of Urology procedures would they need you to do that an LPN that works the actual specialty couldn't? That would give me pause unless I was very familiar with Urology. And do you have strong Pulmonology experience since you will be considered the resource for that clinic?

Love2Sleep, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

Thanks for the reply! I was told that I would assist with hard to Place foleys. I'm not sure what else I would do, but I'm sure there would be other duties there. I have some pulmonology experience working in medsurg, but most of my experience is in cardiac/neuro/tele. Our hospital has separate units for respiratory, renal, cardiac, and neuro patients. While I work on a neuro/cardiac/tele floor, we do have other diagnoses that come to our unit.

I have, however, decided to not go through with this position. I realize that I should gain more experience at the bedside before leaving.


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