Question about CA BON and NCLEX


I am moving to CA 1 month after graduating nursing school. I am curious about whether I should take the NCLEX in my home state and then endorse it or to sit for NCLEX in CA. I've heard the CA BON takes awhile- which is why I'm curious which route would be quicker and less hassle. Thank you for any advice you may offer.

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If you're planning to move to CA, you may as well apply for licensure there. You do not need to be living in CA to get a CA nursing license.

Applying for licensure at your current state BON and then endorsing it over would waste your money, as you're paying for a license that you're not going to be using plus paying to endorse it over. Also, between getting licensed at your local BON and then endorsing over to CA, you're probably not going to be saving that much time...if any.

Best of luck whatever you decide.


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I tested and got my license in NC, then had it endorsed to CA. Although the above poster ^ is correct about redundant payments, I wanted to ensure that I had an active license in NC where I could get a new grad job very easily in case Southern California didn't work out. I took my NCLEX and had my permanent license in a span of 7 days. I know other new grads in California that graduated when I did (Dec 2016) and they are still waiting for their ATT in order to take the NCLEX. Just my 2 cents if you still haven't tested.