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Question: BreEZe never showed a "pending" status?



I have a question regarding the Breeze website. I keep hearing people talking about seeing a "pending" application status when logging on to their Breeze account. But for some reason I don't see this.

I took my NCLEX back in January and failed. I retook the test today. When I processed my renewal application....I never used the "START A NEW APPLICATION" thru the Breeze website. I was required to print a reapplication form from the BON and then snail mailed my payment and application. The only thing I did "online" was make a payment to PearsonVue and schedule the exam thru their website. I'm in CA btw.

I took a screen shot of my breeze screen 2 days before the test....and then took another screenshot about 30 minutes after I took my NCLEX. But absolutely nothing has changed...the screenshots are exactly the same....there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that I just took a test today. Under the "Applications" section of Breeze, all it says is "Start a New Application or Take Exam". At the top it say "Manage Your Application" and says "Registered Nurse - RN File #####" directly under it. And from the dropdown box, I have the option to "change address" or "repeat/reapply". At the top right, it says, "No License Information Available"

Where exactly are you supposed to see this "pending status"?? Should everyone be seeing this status directly after taking the test??

Another weird thing...on the Breeze website, there is a section called "Payment Receipts". When I click on it, it only has a record of my payment for the NCLEX I took back in January....it does not have any history of payment for the NCLEX I just recently took. It's as if the test I took today just all happened in my head, lol

Does this sound weird? Is it because I used snail mail for my re-application, and did not pay for it directly through the Breeze website?

I was hoping to keep an eye on this pending status, because I seem to remember seeing that there the first time I took the test....it stayed there for about a week and then was "deleted"...which I interpreted to mean that I had failed (which, of course I did...but i did not find this out definitively until I received a snail mail 2 weeks later).

Any help would be appreciated =)

I know it's been a couple months, but I just took my boards for the first time on the 22 of this month.

I never logged into my breEZe account once I initially applied to take the boards, and I didn't log in again until about yesterday when I started freaking out because my results haven't been posted yet. I don't ever recall seeing pending or let along a "status" before taking boards, nor do I see anything now. So I'm not sure if I missed the boat and my CPR is in the mail cause I failed or what.

I hope by now you received your results and they were good ones.

Let me know?


Hello! I'm having the same problem. Can you share what happened or any advice as to what I should do? Tried contacting BRN but I've been unsuccessful. Thanks in advance