question on background checks


I had an interview last week at a NYC area hospital. I was referred by someone on the inside so I did not interview with HR just directly with the hiring manager. Very pleasant person to interview any candidate regardless of the outcome. However she did ask me if I have any objections to doing a background check. I said no and she had me sign the document giving permission to run the check. She also asked how much notice would I need to give my current employers. In the end she told me human resources will contact me in about 4 wks. Is this a good sign? Second interview but the first never asked to run a check.

Specializes in Med/ Surg/ Telemetry, Public Health.

If she asked to run a background check on you it means that they are interested in hiring you. If all is well with your background check and employment history, then HR will contact you and offer you the job. Background checks can be expensive and they don't do checks on everyone they interview, so this is a good sign.Some companies take longer than others, wishing you the best of luck.