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I interviewed for a CNA job last week and the DON called me last Wednesday, saying they were going to do a background check on me and, if I passed (which I should), she would call me to set up an orientation. I have a few questions about this. First, does this sound like I already have the job, provided I pass the background check? Or, do they do background checks on everyone, even if they aren't definitely going to hire them? And how long does a background check take?

I realize I should have asked her these questions when she called but I just didn't think to ask. :confused:

Hello. From my experience DON offered you a job or she wouldn't have mentioned orientation! Hurray. Here in NY background checks are always done. I think its pretty standard. Background checks take a few days especially if the past employers have been sold or closed. Congrats and good luck. I would ask them for an offer letter just so your clear on your rate of pay, hours, benefits and ect. :yeah:

Ok, that's what I thought. I guess I'm just second guessing myself now because it seems like it's taking a long time for her to call me back. I guess it's taking so long because one of my past employers may be out of business. I tried to call them to verify address, phone, etc. but the phone was disconnected. They were having major money problems when I left my job there over a year ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're out of business now.

I had the same problem recently with a background check. The HR office called me to say the background company could not verify an employer so they asked me for a name and number of someone who worked with me to verify. Don't be afraid to call and ask them the status.

Ok, thank you! I guess I'll call them tomorrow if they don't call me today.

I just tried Googling my old employer and found a class action suit against them for not paying employees, 4 different addresses for them, lots of people complaining about them. I'm SO glad I'm not working there anymore...

I got a call about 6 weeks ago from a place that I had applied at. She asked for my SS# and told me she was going to do a background check on me and we talked about my availability. She called me back one day later and asked me to come in for an interview - I was offered a position right on the spot.

Yep, background checks cost money, so they don't do them unless they're planning to hire you!

Thanks everyone! I just called there and they just got it back today (so it took 7 days). I'm starting orientation next Monday. Yay! :yeah:

Awesome. Congrats again. :yeah::yeah::yeah:

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