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I am getting ready to finish my BSN program in October 2011 and should be eligible for boards. Last March I did a really stupid thing.... I drank too much and got behind the wheel of my car (i thought I could make it home because it was less than 1 mile awary.,....wrong) anyway a car pulled in front of me and I hit the back of the car. I was charged with a DUI Misdemenor , had to do 8 days of commuity service, DUI classes x 9 months, counseling sessions every other week. IN addition I joined AA and got a sponser wihtin 48 hours of accident. I have been attending 1-2 AA meetings a week. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY ALCOLHOL SINCE THE ACCIDENT. I have know what I did was STUPID. I have 2 little girls and I want to be in their lives and I want to be abble tto support them. I have no history of any crminal behavior. I received a letter stating that I was denied the right to take boards ...........and of course my appeal rights. I just recieved info from th AG office today telling me how to put my packet togheter and sell myself. He told me there is a 50% chance I will never get a license... this seems a little extreme. I know tthat I was wrong when I made the decision to get behind the wheel - I went through court without an atty because I knew I was wrong and I didn't want to try to fight sonmething that I was guility and I didn't want to sped thousands of dollars for the sane outcome. My question is this...............SHOULD I NOW GET AN ATTORNEY???? Like most of the people on this website I have huge student loans and most important I WANT TO BE A NURSE! I have worked really hard to get to this point and I can't believe that 1 stupid decision is going to keep my license from me forever!!!! It was a simple misdememor, no history of any other violations, I am married with 2 kids............... I did a stupid thing but I dont' want to lose evrything I have worked for. I would love to hear from anyone who has been through this......I'm scared, I'm angry, I' frustrated..............mostly confused about next step and would an attorney really nelp.

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When someone writes a long monograph, it can be very hard to get through.

However, I saw 50% chance of licensure & asking if you need a lawyer. With those odds, yes you need an attorney.

You can usually call your local Bar Association & get a referral to someone with expertise in this area. The initial consult is usually very inexpensive ($10 for 30 minutes in Chicago) and you will have a better idea what your options are.

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It was hard to wade through your long monograph, but a 50% chance of licensure indicates the stakes are really high. Don't risk throwing it all away.

Call your local Bar Association & get a referral.

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WOW! I'm so sorry you're going through this. Sounds like you have definitely learned your lesson. It's sad when people like you (no previous criminal hx) have such harsh consequences when those who are repeat offenders get less punishment. I hate the judicial system. Granted you were wrong for drinking and driving but you have gone through all the steps you need to. To have a 50% chance of never getting your nursing license does sound extreme to me. Good luck with everything. As far as an attorney...I have no idea...might help??


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You cannot possibly go before the B.O.N. without an attorney, and even then it may not help.

The little lady who went before me had a solitary D.U.I. 5 years, I think, prior and, trust me, you do not want to know the hoops they were going to make her jump through. Clinical evaluations with addictionologists, mandatory 6 months AA meetings, consultations with a group called "Nurses and Addictions", or something to that effect. Then----and only then----could she apply to take her boards.

Even if 100% successful, she is looking at a probationary license with all kinds of baggage. Just is not worth it. Employers see "probationary license" and your application hits the can--- there are 5 other applicants without this.

Unbelieveable? Absolutely. But it is what it is. Denial will not help. Far kinder, actually, to be denied a license or thrown out of school because then you have closure. A probationary license is a very cruel thing because if you are unfortunate enough to receive one, you will constantly try to be a nurse, when, in fact, you should just move on. Good luck with this.