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Question about applying for my RN-BSN at a CSU.


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Hello everyone :) I will be graduating from my community college ADN program June 2010. I'm hoping to start my RN-BSN program in the Fall 2010, so I'm applying to 3 schools right now (Cal State Northridge, Cal State Bakersfield, and San Diego State). But the problem is that I have 3 more classes to take in order to transfer. The application says they will not consider applications that do not have all the class requirements met by Spring 2010. I can't take these 3 classes Sring 2010 because I will be in the last semester of nursing school and it would be too much so most likely I will be taking them Fall 2010. So my question is, if I apply now and am not accepted due to those classes I need, will I have to submit a new application completely next Fall when I'm done? Or should I just wait and apply next Fall when I completely finish and try to get in Fall 2011? Thanks for any info :)


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Call the admissions office or show up in person and meet with someone from the nursing department.

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Honestly, I would finish your RN program & take your boards before you worry about going back for your BSN.

You have spring semester, then by the time you get all your board stuff done/NCLEX passed, most of summer could be over, then to find a job, etc etc.

It could be really overwhelming.

If you think you can do it though, I'd talk to the nursing admissions department. If you don't have the three classes done though, with all the state budget cuts and limited admissions, you may have to wait til the classes are done.

Good luck to you!