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Question for ALP nurses

Specializes in psych,maternity, ltc, clinic.

I posted this is in the general forums....Do you AL facilties have defibrilator? Thanks.


Specializes in psych,maternity, ltc, clinic.

:uhoh3: I thought I had posted the above in geriatric forums,since I had already posted it on the main thread last week .

Plus it should say ALF (assisted living facility) nurses. Thats what I get for posting at 3am:o.,


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We have a crash cart with an AED on it. Required in PA

achot chavi

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We have it - barely use it- the meds have to be reordered when they expires and it gets expensive but where i live its mandatory. We all take CPR courses which include use of the defibrillator - once in 2 years. In the case of an emergency- we call an ambulance and just do regular CPR . We have oxygen tanks and suction machines on every unit...

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